The Mission of the Procurement Department:
To provide fair and equitable treatment of all persons involved inpublic purchasing by the county, to maximize the purchasing value ofpublic funds in procurement and to provide safeguards for maintaining aprocurement system of quality and integrity.

Call the Procurement Department with any questions or concerns at 382-6433.

Printing: For 2017 printing of your envelopes, letterhead and business cards,please use Just Click Printing. They have an office in Durango. Theirphone number is 247-5228 or you can send inquiries to You can email them your requests, they will reply with a proof for you to approve and then deliver your order with an invoice.

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General Information

No need to call Procurement for less than $5,000
(1)          Conditions for use. Departments may purchase small items or services priced under $5,000.00 which are not subject to bidding by using petty cash or county procurement/credit cards; no requisition form or formal purchase order is needed. Under no circumstances are large purchases to be artificially divided to fall within this limitation. 

               (2)          Petty cash. Departments may make purchases with petty cash for small, rarely used items costing less than $25.00. The $25.00 limit must be strictly observed and receipts for all purchases must be submitted to the finance department for reimbursement.

               (3)          County procurement/credit cards. Procurement/credit cards are limited to purchases less than $5,000.00, and the "exempt" items defined in § 1-102(2).        

               (4)          Preparing and routing county procurement/credit cards, and petty cash slips. Each department’s petty cash custodian shall keep a log of all purchases reimbursed and submit the log and receipts, including the account number to be charged, to the finance department for reimbursement.


Departments must balance their monthly credit card statements, provide approval of an authorized spending authority and submit them to the finance department with receipts attached within one week of receipt of the monthly procurement/credit card statement. Failure to provide such specified records in a timely manner may result in the loss of procurement/credit card privileges for the department.