Innovation Team

Innovate La Plata

What is an Innovation?

Simply, an innovation is something fresh that creates value.  The goal is to create more value for our internal and external customers with quality, speed and efficiency at the lowest possible cost.  Most importantly, we want all of our innovations to tie back to our own job happiness, improved customer satisfaction, and time / money savings.  Time is valuable - what better thing can we do than grant ourselves or our customers more time? Innovating helps us to spend as much time as possible doing what we love.

What does the Innovation Team do?

The motto of Innovate La Plata is Empower - Implement - Celebrate.  This clearly describes what we do in just three words. 

The Innovation Team is charged with training 50% of our employees in our four-hour Innovate La Plata - Perins Peak training in 2017 - This training gives a framwork for innovating and tools to support innovations.  We are developing our staff with their own skills for process improvement and to problem solve issues.  Us investing in ourselves!  Who better than the individual employees to know what can be improved in his/her job? The magic and creativity to innovate comes from the employee who does the work.  This is the empowerment part - then the employees implement their innovation (with or without assistance from the Innovation Team) and we celebrate our achievements (or failures - because that's how we learn!). 

Innovation Team members also work with departments, groups within departments or across departments to think creatively about how and why we do what we do, and critically assess how a process might best realigned or improved.

What are the Goals of the  Team?

Training - provide training, tools and expertise to department directors, elected officials and employees at all levels to spur innovation within their departments 
Technical Assistance - assist county employees to quantify their activities and business processes (to capture what we do, what resources are necessary to do it, and what it costs) and to identify opportunities to operate more efficiently and/or reduce costs. 
Create a culture of innovation - empower staff organization-wide to implement innovation and creativity. 
Communication - tell the story of the county's innovative efforts to inspire employees and promote confidence in county government.


One third of our motto is to celebrate!  We celebrate by sharing our innovations with co-workers, commissioners, county manager and the public. Submit your Innovation Story to share your own innovation.  Fill out an innovation banner to celebrate a co-worker's innovation.  Our Innovation Videos celebrate innovations and show how just thinking differently can make a huge impact to our job and save money in the process!