List and description of all 80 innovations submitted by department as of September 14, 2017!

savings as of September 1, 2017

Who Planning Department
What Requiring land use applications and all associated paperwork be submitted electronically.
Savings (time and money)

Cost/time savings for applicant by not having to print and organize application paperwork.
Faster application processing.
Staff time savings of approximately 2.5 hours per project
Estimated annual savings: $30,000 in staff time

Who General Services
What Used county staff & equipment to crack-seal Fairgrounds parking lot.
Savings (time and money)

By using internal staff and equipment to conduct this maintenance project, La Plata County saved $20,700.
The project had been bid for $24,000; the equipment and staff time cost the county $3,300.

Who Road & Bridge
What Drivers are pre-loading their gravel trucks at the county gravel pit each evening so that trucks are ready to leave the pit first thing each morning.  This avoids significant idle time during high traffic periods, getting trucks to job sites more quickly each day.
Savings (time and money)

 Saved $4,000 annually in staff waiting time
160 fewer hours of staff time/equipment idle time per year.
104 gallons of fuel saved in idle time.

Who Sheriff's Office
What Civil process efficiency - By scanning and emailing civil process papers instead of copying and snail-mailing them to citizens, staff time, paper and filing space is saved.
Savings (time and money) Staff time savings of $2,273 annually
Paper & postage cost savings $373 annually
Citizens receive documents more quickly & efficiently

Who General Services
What Stockpiling sandStaff placed a sand pile at the Fairgrounds to use for snow and ice management at the fairgrounds, senior center, county administration building, courthouse and Old Main Post Office, eliminating the need to travel three times each storm (on icy roads) to the Road & Bridge shop for sand.
Savings (time and money)  Saves 90 minutes in staff time per storm
Saves $5.15 in fuel per storm

Who Assessor's Office
What Moved deed process into Laserfiche to reduce number of steps required in process, software applications used and paper costs
Savings (time and money) Steps reduced from 17 to 6
Software apps reduced from 6 to 2
101 printed pages saved every day.

Who  Clerk & Recorder's Office
What Installed a 24-hour ballot drop box in Ignacio to eliminate need for staffed drop site
Savings (time and money) Expanded ballot drop availability in Ignacio
Reduced staffing/training /managing costs for election judges
Improved ballot return rates in Ignacio
Saves 118 hours of staff time per election

Who  Fleet
What Bringing technical training for trucks and heavy equipment in-house, as well as hosting regional trainings at the Road & Bridge shop conference room, allowing all technicians to access education at a reduced cost to the county.
Savings (time and money) $8,000 annually in travel expenses
expanded education for employees and broader community

Who  IT/Procurement
What Modified PC replacement program to utilize off-lease high-powered computers that are one year old, at a significant savings.
Savings (time and money) Save 112 hours annually in staff time
Save $30,72 annually in hardware costs

Who  Motor Vehicle
What Moved the batcher's desk forward 10 feet and moved file cabinet next to the desk, facilitating better collaboration between batcher, processor and supervisor for more efficient work flow.
Savings (time and money)  Saves 7 minutes each day for batcher
Average annual savings $680 (staff time)

Who  Sheriff's Office
What Created an inventory form for inmate property collected at intake, reducing redundancy at release and return phases.
Savings (time and money)  Reduced process from 3 steps to 1 step.
Saves 2,136 hours annually in staff time.