Innovation Team Members

Who is on the Innovation Team?

The Innovation Team was formed in 2016 to promote, lead and implement innovation and creativity throughout the organization to maximize operational efficiency and increase job satisfaction within and across departments and to reduce costs.  

Innovation Team

Innovation Team Members

Aaron McKelvey          Public Works           

Allison Kardas              Planning Department

Ashli Stuckman            Clerk & Recorder   

Brian Birk                    Sheriff’s Office         

Bryan Meador             Fleet (General Services)

Butch Knowlton         Building/OEM        

Chuck Stevens            IT Department       

Daniel Murray            Planning Department

Devon Schmidt           Procurement (Finance)

Doyle Villers                Road & Bridge       

Ed Aber                        Sheriff’s Office       

James Torres               IT Department       

Jason Meininger         Planning Department

Jessica Wheeldon      Human Services    

Joanne Spina              Administration      

Julie Pickett                 Human Resources

Pat Downs                   Sheriff’s Office      

Renae Dugan              Assessor’s Office  

Sarah Jacobson          Administration     

Sarah Rome                Finance                 

Susan Hakanson        Administration