Innovation Videos

Innovate La Plata

"On the Rocks" - an innovation by our General Services Department that saves 90 minutes of staff time each storm and $5 in fuel and improved employee safety.

If you have any innovations that we can turn into a video, please contact Megan Graham at x6265.  Celebrate!

Denver Peak Academy - We built Innovate La Plata after Brian Elms (Denver Peak Academy) held a training for 20 of our county employees. Here are a few of their celebrations.

Denver's Excise and License Department - a process improvement that drastically decreased customer wait time and drastically increased job satisfaction of the employees in that department.  Their innovations saved $85,000 and $250,000 in customer wait time (soft cost).

Making Denver Parks Beautiful from the Inside Out
- a Six S (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain & Safety) completed by the Denver Parks and Recreation Department in their shops.

Improve the Tracking and Distribution of Spring Plants - Denver grows all the plants for Denver's parks and the Denver Zoo and Botanical Gardens. This video improved the process of tracking and distributing plants for the spring: landscape bedding plants, shrubs and other ornamental plants and flowers.  This decreased errors and sped up the process for all involved.

Denver Animal Shelter Improvements - Faster adoptions and taxpayer savings, most importantly, happier dogs and cats. 

Employee Engagement - Using innovation and process improvement to increase job satisfaction.