Leadership Team

Who is the La Plata County Leadership Team?
The La Plata County Leadership Team is a group made up of all Department Directors and Elected Officials who act as Department Heads.

It is the mission of the La Plata Leadership Team to:
  • Work cooperatively and collaborative to analyze and resolve county-wide operational issues;
  • Assist in strategic planning;
  • Provide counsel and advice to the Board of County Commissioners, other elected officials and the county manager; and
  • Serve as resources to one another.
It is the Purpose of the La Plata Leadership Team to:
Identify the most efficient, cost-effective methods of doing business, ensure sound and responsible stewardship of county resources and promote public trust in government.

Our Commitment:
It is the belief of the Leadership Team members that our interaction with, and feedback to, one another on substantive organizational issues, controversial issues, informational issues, professional development  and legislative issues is of value and importance to every member; therefore, Elected Officials and Department Heads commit to make every effort to attend LT meetings, participate fully in them and honor the time commitment.
La Plata County Leadership Team Belief Statements 

In 2013, all La Plata County Staff were invited to participate in an Employee Satisfaction Survey. Utilizing the data from that survey, and information from employee focus groups, the Leadership Team has been working to address all questions from the survey where areas of concern were identified. One step in that process was for the Leadership Team to develop a list of Belief Statements indicating what La Plata County aspires to be as our employer.

  Belief Statements - What we aspire to be:

La Plata County aspires to be an open, transparent organization where the exchange of information and ideas is free-flowing among all levels.
La Plata County believes in recognizing high performance, achievement and inspiring excellence, innovation, dedication and creativity.
Meaningful *performance management leads to clear expectations, successful employees, stronger teams and organizational excellence.
La Plata County aspires to provide professional development through meaningful *performance management feedback throughout the year.
La Plata County values the dedication and commitment of our employees and strives to recognize and appreciate individual contributions, abilities and service.
La Plata County strives to support our employees, families and community by providing flexibility to employees when possible to support a work/life balance while maintaining service levels.
La Plata County aspires to have an engaged, informed and supportive work force.

La Plata County believes that employees have a vested interest in many of the decisions of greatest interest and importance to employees made within the organization, and leadership has a responsibility to consider their opinions and perspectives, and to effectively communicate not only the outcomes, but the rationale for the decision.


*Performance Management:
A comprehensive strategy for employee development including performance standards, evaluations, daily communications, training and professional development.




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