County Policy Manual

I.           Administrative

I.A General                       

I.A.1     Code of Ethics and Conduct

I.A.2     County Office Closure

I.A.3     Declaration of Natural Disasters

I.A.4     Legislative Positions of La Plata County

I.A.5     Citizen Complaints

I.A.5a             Procedures for Citizen Complaints

I.A.6     Commemoration of Historic Places, Naming of County Facilities and Commemorative   Road Names

I.A.7     Proclamations

I.A.8     Display of National Flag

I.A.9     Board and Commission Appointments

I.A.10   Professional Opinions Policy

I.A.11   Privacy Policy

I.A.12   Assistance to Individuals with Limited English Proficiency

I.A.13   Conflicts of Interest, Lobbying and Travel Policy

I.A.14   Receipt of Pleadings

Receipt of Pleadings Procedures

1.A.15  Americans with Disabilities Act Policy

I.B Information Technology and Records Management

I.B.1.   Network Use Policy

I.B.1a Social Media Procedures

I.B.2.   Public Records

1.B.3   Legal Hold Policy

1.B.4  Mobile Device Acceptable Use

I.C Fees/Services

I.C.1.   Waiver of Building and Planning Fees

I.C.2.   GIS Data Transfer

I.C.3.   Reimbursement of Legal Fees

I.C.4    Recreation Scholarship Programs

I.D Roads

I.D.1    Snow Removal

I.D.2    Disposal of Soil Waste Material

I.D.3    Right of Way Acquisition (not attached/need to revise 11/18/96 policy)

I.D.4    Road Maintenance

            I.D.4.a               Road Maintenance Procedures

II.          Safety and Risk Management

II.1        Drug-Free Workplace  

             II.1.a Drug-Free Workplace and Testing Procedures

II.2     Communicable Disease

II.2.a     Communicable Disease and Bloodborne Pathogens Procedures

II.3        Cell Phone Usage Policy 

II.4        Operation and Use of County Vehicles and Equipment

II.5        CDL Drug Alcohol Testing Policy

11.5.2             CDL Drug and Alcohol Testing Procedure

11.6 Unmanned Aerial System Policy

III.          Fiscal Management

III.1       Management of Financial Resources

            III.1.a   Management of Financial Resources Procedures

III.2      Fund Balance Reserve Policy

III.3       Grant Applications and Contracts

           III.3.a    Grant Application and Contract Procedures

III.4       Authority for Execution of Contracts

            III.4.a    Contract Procedures

III.5   Green Purchasing - replaced by Policy V.11

III.6 Gift Policy


IV.        Employee Relations

IV.1      Salary Administration

IV.2       HIPAA Privacy

IV.3        Annual Leave Conversion

IV.4        Domestic Abuse Leave

IV.5        Harassment & Inappropriate Conduct

IV.5.a             Procedures for Harassment & Inappropriate Conduct

         Complaint Form

IV.6       Grievance Review Policy

             IV.6.a   Procedures for Grievance Review

IV.7        Employee Handbook

IV.8        Family Medical Leave

IV.9        See Annual Leave Transfer Program

IV.10      Sick Leave Bank

               Sick Leave Bank Request

 Resolution 2009-34

 Governing Board Bylaws

IV.11      Emergency Duty Compensation for Exempt Employees

IV.12      Equal Employment Opportunity

Non-Discrimination and Affirmative Action Statement
Americans with Disabilities Act Non-Discrimination Statement
Reasonable Accommodation Request
EEO/ADA Complaint Form

IV.13      Anti-Nepotism Policy

IV.14     Reduction in Force Policy

IV. 15     Cell Phone Stipend

V.         County Property and Facilities

V.1       Courthouse Meeting Rooms - Public Use - deleted 4/14/2020

V.1.a       County Administration Meeting Rooms - Public Use

V.2       Liquor Liability at County Facilities (not attached - need to revise 5/1/93 policy)

V.3       Electrical Work on County Facilities - deleted 4/14/2020

V.4       Non-Smoking Facilities

V.5       Fleet Management

V.6       Space, Maintenance, Interior and Exterior Design - deleted 4/14/2020

V.7       Fixed Asset Accounting Policy (not attached - need to revise 9/1/98 policy -- GASB issues/pending revision by Finance)

V.8       Human Services Building Recycling - replaced by Policy No. V11

V. 9     Engine Idling Policy - replaced by Policy No. V11

V.10   County Facilities Recycling Policy - replaced by Policy No. V11

V.11   Environmental Policy

VI.             Elected Officials     

  • Clerk and Recorder
  • Treasurer
  • Sheriff

VI.C.1    Contracted Law Enforcement Services for Outside Entities

  • Coroner
  • Surveyor


  1. Coroner's Office Policies (to be attached)
  2. Sheriff's Office Policies (to be attached)